Today I ‘finish’ sketch of my creature for the class project. I put finish in apostrophe as in my art ‘finish’ often is equal to the word infinity… I had learn new skills on last Katie classes in Photoshop.. despite the fact that I’m painting in Photoshop for about 9 years or more… I should probably look for some tutorials about this software to discover more, so well hidden front of my eyes, all saving life options, tricks and things that I use to call “God why I didn’t know it before!?”.


After drawing I jump straight to the ZBrush and start modeling with the belief that watching one series of tutorials will make from me a digital sculptor.. obviously I was wrong. I approach second tutorial from Lynda.


I really recommend to all beginners this tutorial done by Ryan Kittleson (link).

Ambitious I though that now I can make my creature… and I stuck really fast.


I decide to approach another training, this time from DigitalTutors  with Lee Magalhaes. (link) This tutorial I definitely do not recommend for people who do not have basic knowledge about Zbrush.


I created this so far, and I decide to stop temporary on lesson 8.


Why I stooped? To repeat all progress by creating my own creature. Below you can see screenshots from my progress.




…and here I end : )


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