I had to create third account for school purposes and I hope that there will be not 4th one. = )

blog-icon-png-26 1st was Blogspot (Trimester 2) http://endzi-study.blogspot.com.au/

Tumblr2nd Tumblr (Trimester 3) http://endzi-z.tumblr.com/

EDIT: Now you can see all previous posts from Tumblr you can see now on WordPress : ) Yay!

Wordpress 3rd WordPress (Trimester 4)

I will check for possibilities of transferring my all previous blog post in to this site and from right now you will see all newest updates from my study only over here. I hope you will enjoy and that you feel excited as me to start Trimester 4 in animation.

(I will edit this 1st post few times as a look of blog till I get the favorite look, style and layout.)