Collaborative drawing of creature.

Group ‘B’: Britt, Brandon, Joey and me

Words: ‘arboreal’, ‘camouflage’, ‘invertebrate’ and ‘reptilian’.

1st picture that is divided on 4 elements where the creature head is done by Britt (arboreal), torso and front legs by Brandon (camouflage), back legs by me (invertebrate) and tail Joey (reptilian). 2nd picture represents a different variation of arboreal/camouflage/invertebrate/reptilian creature after group discussion. 3rd picture was modified and edited after class discussion.

New Image1

Habitat: Forest

Food: Invertebrates and other small prey.

Size: 60 cm in length inc. tail

Behavior: this creature spends most of the time hidden in the trees and use its camouflage to blend into the environment and effectively hide from predators. For hunting purposes, this creature can spend hours in still position awaiting for prey to come closer, also they like to collect fruits, flowers and other sources that they attach to their body in purposes to attract insects and other creatures. (food source) Once they attack they are really fast and noisy, where sound that they make is created from parts of their camouflage that includes leaves. However, due they patience of staying still and attacking in right moment they are most of the successful.

When this creature face praetor or is frightened they like to use their collar and expose eye patent on it to discourage predators. They also raise its body and hold the tail above.

To Classmates: I’m happy to edit and add things to the creature description. Please just write a comment under this post what would you like to change, add or remove. Also, any English sentence corrections will be highly appreciated : P