Short update:

  1. I feel ready for tomorrow presentation = ) PowerPoint and point list is prepared as well as brand new video that I will upload after presentation
  2. Darkest Night project: Medieval home asset is almost done! It contain so far 23 elements +1 texture set. I have still to upload additional about 9 elements that will create roof and villageĀ palisade, what is stooping me ? I have to improve second texture set = )
  3. Comatose: I started modeling yesterday but tutorial that I have chosen didn’t help, today I will start with brand new tutorial from Digital Tutors
  4. Galileo project: I need tutorials!!! Does anyone know any good tutorial for rough landscaping in 3Ds?
  5. Team Marx: Omg I running out of time! I created Google drive for group, create Facebook page and get all people together.. and our group have 9 team members O-O Hopefully at Friday people will be able stay for group meeting.
  6. Camera booked. Yeah! thanks to Kate we will have camera from 12 to 2pm this Thursday, we will use it to film potential scenes and shots that we want in comatose animation.

PS I think I start enjoy animation in 3Ds max…. Bee_Boy is shocked!

Bee_Boy rig is created by Ravikanth Reddy from link


Ravikanth Reddy. (2010, June 22). Bee_Boy [3dsmax]. Retrieved from