I’m slowly loosing my patience to Adobe After Effects and ringing….  frustration is taking over and fact that following tutorials do not help make me feel so dumb!

imageI started with link provided on student portal… and I stuck in adjusting 2 boxes in to the scene.. where one had to represent ground, second kiosk.. my boxes were “flying” everywhere but not where I was want them to. Tutorial : link


I also start watching one tutorial from digital tutors… I think I should back to it… Video: link

Leaving Adobe After Effects behind, time to mention something about rigging… I do not have idea how this all should to work like… I was flowing tutorials: link and link … to apply rig in to my goblin model.


Everything was going smooth till I make animation test and tried fix it… yeah… Forest-mushrom-goblin… Aggggrrrrrrr~!!image

…and at the end… not sure if this even have sense with all previous fails to attach rig in to mage… (feeling hopeless)   : (


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