Goblin texture turnout in my opinion pretty well and I was happy form results and fact that I accomplish this task in so short time (with so limited knowledge about whole 3D and texturing world) image

However, the day before game testing at really late evening I receive call that took me a while to reply as I was thinking -“is so late… is worth to reply or no?”, but something in my mind tells me “reply!” Thanks to God I did that… It was Thunder cats group leader! It was an emergency call as how pretty textured goblin looked like there was something wrong… something what I forget to check.. Chris Schnitzerling (Thunder cats leader) told me that goblin backpack is inside-out… I start a bit panic as I was not sure if I know how to fix it, however I remembered from previous semester how I was fixing half of my spaceship model controlled and guided by professor Ellen.. yep I mess up then really a lot.

I fix problem with the backpack in maybe 10 min and proudly update file on the group Google drive.

Following picture shows how inside-out backpack look like with turned on the option called “Faces Orientation”

I shall never forget to check it in the future!