How awesome I’m working for Thunder Cats group on the game project titled “Pinch”. I truly admire how organised they are.

In this post I decide to provide screenshots from a Facebook post as my evidence of work. In screenshots I will provide my comments, posting time and work that I have done

Day where all this maddens starts (in positive contexts):image

1st sketches and brain storm at train on way back to home:image

Sketching in Photoshop: image

Even more sketching:image

Modelling in 3Ds Max, where I basically use 3D mage model that I do in classes and convert him to this creature.. basically working fast without reference and praying that all turn out well.


Later on I will post unwrapping progress that was truly time consuming +  texturing that is still in progress.

My own feedback: Honestly I don’t feel entirely satisfied from work that I done so far because during the progress I find things that I would like to fix or improve, but there is no time to go back on this stage as there is not much time to finish the whole project. Still I think all this is great self educating progress on undaunted number of mistakes.