I this post I would like to show you my progress with mage model done mostly at school. 

image*screenshots of progress of building and shaping mage legs and feet 

image* screenshots of feet and boots modelling progress

image*modelling arms and hands (he looked for a moment like he is wearing kimono! : D )

image*modelling head and fancy wizard hat

image*finishing up wizard hat and starting cape

image* finishing up modelling cape and starting of the belt +I had to hide mage body for better adjusting of the belt as well during tweaking progress I find out that hat was too high compering to the reference so I fix it

image* finishing up and do tweaking to have hopefully well prepared character for unwrapping 

Important: During creating this model of mage I was looking for a tutorial and use reference sheet that was provided by my teacher Ellen Blaha.

Even more important: Big thank you to Ellen for teaching me so awesome stuff