Skyrim credits… I’m trying find my potential future role in so huge “world” of video games. From Skyrim Credits I pick up “Leader Artist” -to ambitious? Maybe but not impossible : ) Other positions that capture my eye are:

  • lead design
  • co-lead design
  • concept art
  • world art
  • environment art
  • additional environment art 
  • special effects (as I wan’t to learn more about it)
  • additional special effects
  • character art
  • additional character art
  • interface art (sound interesting as I’m improving my graphic design skills that would be I think beneficial in this case)
  • additional graphic design
  • administration
  • administration assistant
  • creative services artist
  • polish translator (even when not mentioned in credits)

I simply just want create for video games and doesn’t matter if I will draw characters or grass! Or even be there among those people as polish translator or administration assistant.